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Advantages to the Donor
  • Receipts that are valid for Canadian income tax purposes are issued for all donations.
  • There are several ways in which donations can be made. Please refer to Ways to Donate.
  • With the convenience of sending just one donation, it is possible to suggest more than one worker for support, with the amounts.
  • It is a fast, secure way to send funds, especially to foreign countries. Outside of Canada, funds are usually sent in US currency.
  • Current contact information is maintained for all commended workers.
  • Gifts can be sent anonymously if requested.
  • Confidentiality is assured.

Allocation of Funds

Donors can suggest how they would like their contribution allocated. Suggestions are honoured for the following:
  • Funds can be sent to qualified donees (registered charities)
  • Funds can be sent to commended full-time workers in Canada or abroad which have Agency Agreements in place with the GPF. The same applies to assemblies that are not registered charities.
  • Funds can be donated to the GPF for its operations, or if requested, will be distributed at the discretion of the directors.
Prior to sending a donation for the first time for a specific purpose, it is recommended to contact the GPF office. Gifts that are received and cannot be allocated will either be returned, or re-allocated at the discretion of the directors.

Disbursement of Funds

Funds are generally forwarded at least twice monthly. The GPF is often able to pool funds for one donee to be included in one transfer, while still listing each donation separately. Workers are notified by email of the details of each gift.

Administrative Costs

100% of donations directed to the GPF are distributed. The GPF bears the administrative cost, although donations are welcomed for this purpose. For on-line donations through CanadaHelps, a small percentage is retained by them to cover their administrative costs.

Privacy Policy

GPF respects the privacy of donors and donees. No private information belonging to donors or donees is accessible on this site. The GPF does not share lists or personal information with third parties except as required by law, and except for donor contact information that is shared with the donee for communication purposes.

Only personal information that is necessary for the GPF to carry out its purposes is collected.


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